Access Australia’s largest database of Properties and Property Consumer Data through our extensive network of property websites and search engines, real estate agent websites, property management software, and agent client management systems.

Gain access to data on 13M+ properties and communicate directly with 1M+ serious property buyers and investors across media platforms.

On The House

Onthehouse.com.au is Australia’s only real estate portal that combines historical property data and validated For Sale Guestimates, with properties available to the market for sale or rent. On The House offers consumers free property reports, providing users with the ability to research the sales history of their current or desired property, analyse comparative properties and monitor the price variations of properties over time. Users can participate in property value discussions by “claiming” a property they own or by commenting on one they are familiar with. Lastly, On The House consumers can search 13M+ properties on-the-go with OTH’s free iPhone app or online, via the free property reports and alerts.

Agents can demonstrate their local expertise to 1M+ property investors and 2nd home buyers who are ready to buy. Agents can engage directly with consumers by registering as a Local Expert, submitting public appraisals via OTH’s Guesstimate tool, generating detailed Local Area Reports or “claiming” their sold and rented properties. Best of all, real estate agents and property developers  can list properties for sale and rent FOR FREE.


The Real Estate Ad Network (REAN) was founded in 2008 as a premium advertising network of Australia’s largest real estate agent brands, offering advertisers access to a suite of websites, m-sites, mobile applications, email databases, real estate magazines and on-ground real estate-related advertising opportunities. Whether its display media online or printed signboards in prominent suburbs, REAN can offer clients a fully-integrated, seamless advertising solution that is devised and delivered via a single team.


Residex is dedicated to providing quality information on the real estate market to government, financial institutions, valuers, real estate agents, accountants, solicitors and individuals.

The company collects data from various Government Departments and Real Estate Agencies. The data is compiled into a unique database and today Residex would have information on almost every house in Australia.

The age of the data varies, for example Residex holds data in Victoria as far back as 1865 and constructs indices from that date to today. In New South Wales, Residex holds data as far back as 1901 and Residex generates indices from that date. In other states the data extends typically back to the 1980′s.

The unique Residex database cannot be matched by any public or private organisation in terms of accessible historical data and completeness.

Residex provides information on all aspects of the real estate market, not just relating to price, but also rental yield, growth in prices, analysis of market movements, mortgage design, financial transaction structuring, raising and placing of funding facilities, loan risk profiles, statistical consulting, price estimation and research.

The company is consultant and adviser to state and federal governments on housing related issues including the development of financial instruments to provide funding for housing needs.


The PortPlus online products provide an enhanced content driven sales management and customer relationship management solution emphasising ease-of-use and mobility. This product offering is focused on the sales agent and designed to increase their effectiveness in winning listings and closing the sale – matching prospective buyers with potential properties.

Business analytical and reporting tools are available to the business owner to track and reward high performing agents and offices. Through PortPlus, clients can also access custom built websites and e-marketing solutions.


Console has been providing market leading real estate software solutions to real estate agencies for over 18 years

Console incorporates:

  • Property Management software.
  • Sales Management software.
  • Trust Accounting software.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Console has a focus on automating the office tasks associated with the administration of the sales and property management tasks required to successfully operate a large and complex real estate business.